Fort Collins, Colorado

About Us

Integrated Bereavement Support Programs for Spouses and Partners

Adaire House was formed in late 2019 by Dr. Howard Fischer and Andrea Adaire Fischer to be a place of hope and healing for bereaved spouses and partners.

Howard is a retired Geology Professor who is the Director and lead Facilitator of Adaire House, providing integrated bereavement support programs for spouses and partners in northern Colorado. He has just completed a book about his grief journey called Flowers From Andrea: A Grief Journey and a Love Story, available from Amazon. Along with his daughter, he owns the NoCo CPR training school in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Andrea was a multi-talented writer, painter, retailer, and a loving mother and grandmother. She wrote poems and verses and had some of her work published as greeting cards and in anthologies for Blue Mountain Arts. She is now a strong, graceful and beautiful spirit after her eight year battle with breast cancer came to an end in 2016.

Adaire House is both a support center and a group of peer-led support programs that were created in honor of Andrea to be places where hope and healing can grow. Together they provide an integrated set of programs to not only help bereaved spouses and partners to navigate their early grief, but also to help them beyond that in building the next part of their lives and futures. We encourage people to honor their loved ones as they learn to find new meaning and purpose in their lives. We also provide an environment of community where they can find others to become “friends in grief” with going forward. 

For information please contact Dr. Howard Fischer, Director and Facilitator: * 970-227-2396