Fort Collins, Colorado


Integrated Bereavement Support Programs for Spouses and Partners

At Adaire House we believe that there is a significant component of healing to be had by helping others. If you live in the northern Colorado area and would like to volunteer at Adaire House, we have a number of ways for you to become involved in our programs and to help others as they navigate their grief journeys. 

If you have an interest in facilitating support and discussion group meetings, we are always interested in talking to you about becoming either a lead facilitator or a supporting facilitator for our group meetings. If you have an interest in doing either of these, we will provide training and guidance as well as our Facilitators Guide of discussion topic notes for you to use at meetings.

As our online presence grows, we will need volunteers to answer email inquiries and questions about our programs and scheduled meetings. We also welcome help to coordinate and post about all northern Colorado grief support  programs and activities on Social Media and on our Website.

We are very interested in finding people in our community who could develop and lead yoga and meditative activities to help promote mindfulness and healing. We also would welcome those who could help promote one-pointedness by developing and leading artistic activities for our groups. 

We also need people to coordinate and lead social activities for groups from Adaire House including: hiking, social night out or dinner at local venues, shows, plays, bowling and any other appropriate events you might suggest and lead.

If you have an interest in any of these opportunities, please contact Howard at 970-227-2396 or